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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is a sidescrolling adventure in 2D that combines the stories of thirteen different characters in order to create an epic sci-fi narrative. The events in the game take place in Japan and it follows the story of 13 high school students that unexpectedly get involved in a war against the Kaijuu alien forces. They will become Sentinel mecha pilots to form the last line of defense against the invaders and save the future of mankind.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim gameplay is divided into three different stages. Remembrance corresponds to the sidescrolling part of the game, in which players will explore different scenarios in 2D as the story progresses. The game features beautiful anime-like graphics in 2D during this stage The Destruction stage is all about combat, and it takes place in a real-time strategy scenario. You will control six different Sentinels in this stage and your most common mission will be to defend a location from the attacks of waves of Kaijuu forces. Each of your Sentinels will have different abilities that will cost EP to use and they have a cooldown too. You can recover the EP by taking defensive actions. You can customize several aspects of your sentinels too. Finally, the Analysis part of the game takes the form of an index that lists all of the information discovered by you during the previous stages, and reading it you can unlock additional info that can make the story progress in the Remembrance stage.


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