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    Embark on an adventure in a world devastated by a terrible invasion and discover a journey that will take you beyond the horizon.

    Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is the remake for Nintendo Switch of the game from 2010. A mixture of fantasy and cyberpunk, it has a gradual development typical of Japanese anime, and the plot is full of suspense and unexpected twists.

    With an all-new epilogue, high-definition graphics, and improvements to the gameplay experience, not to mention remastered tracks and more, veterans and new players can dive into the definitive version of Shulk and Co.'s adventures!

    During the various battles, you will be able to control one of the main characters of your choice, while the other two party members will be managed by the AI.

    During the course of the adventure, other members will be added to the team, from those who specialize in healing other members, to those who prefer a magical attack at a distance. Build cohesion in your party to create indissoluble bonds that will result in better cooperation between them in battles.

    Will you be able to change the future or will you be condemning your species to extinction?

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