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    Information is the key in Deployment, a twin-stick multiplayer shooter where you fight as an AI inside a virtual arena. In the far future, civilization has been all but destroyed. The world is just barely held together by computer programs that run vital processes on the Ethernet. Governments and megacorporations alike vie for control over these computers because whoever controls them rules the world. To this end, they employ infosoldiers that fight for their cause in the Etherweb

    As an infosoldier, you may choose from various classes, each with its own skills and ultimate attacks:

    Gunners — these AI stormtroopers dish out a lot of damage with their rapidfire guns. 

    Pyros — Lightly armored and quick on their feet, these infosoldiers convert damage dealt to them into firepower.

    Snipers — sneaky infosoldiers that can enter stealth and take enemies out from afar.

    Rocketeers — armored troopers that deal damage across a wide area.

    Enter a randomly generated arena where you fight for supremacy. Gain advantages by capturing system turrets that will fight for your team. Fight in online multiplayer free-for-all or Team Deathmatch mode, or sharpen your skills by fighting against AI opponents in single-player mode. Your infosoldiers are ready. You have control. What you need now is to achieve the victory.

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