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    Become the undisputed sovereign of the seas with Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts, an ambitious naval battleship simulator that brings equal parts realism and fun to the architecture, construction, and combat of warships. 

    Dreadnoughts introduces you to a state-of-art naval shipyard where you can construct vessels your way. Build everything from destroyers and small torpedo ships to enormous floating fortresses. Take the modular approach of assembling turrets, guns, hull configurations, armor, and funnels to create a unique design. How and what you put on your ship plays a part in its effectiveness in battle.

    Dreadnoughts provides over 333 historical hull variants with more than 1405 ship parts. You can recreate your favorite ship based on the thousands of weapons included. You can even refit historical naval vessels with modern technology, just to see how it would work.

    Of course, once you have your ship constructed, it’s time to test them out at sea. Experience naval combat at its finest through a Custom Battle System where you set the factors. Choose ships from ten different nations with eras ranging from 1890 to 1940. Use the Naval academy to simulate 56 different combat scenarios, allowing you to hone your strategic and tactical acumen. You may also play campaigns of various nations, from the British to the Empire of Japan. Defeat your enemy by controlling their seas and strangling their ability to trade or build new ships. You can do so much with Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts that it all comes down to your imagination.

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