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      Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition is the new and improved version of a beloved RPG classic. The Remastered Edition is designed to appeal to new players while keeping the spirit of the original. Remade by its old creative team, it returns with upgraded graphics, a new soundtrack, fully-voiced characters, new dungeons, and cross-platform online multiplayer.

      The land is threatened by a poisonous cloud known as Miasma, which can kill anything it touches. The only means for the surviving settlements to fend off the Miasma is to use fragments of the Great Crystal, but this requires a fuel called myrrh. As a member of the Tipa caravanners, your job is to collect myrrh for these settlements. But when an opportunity arises for you to end the Miasma once and for all, you set off on a grand adventure that will take you across the land and even into a new dimension.

      Updated visuals and music. The Remastered Edition features HD graphics, bringing a modern take to an old classic. Features English voices for character dialogue, new BGM and remixes of tracks, and new recordings of theme songs “Sound of the Wind” and “Starry Moonlit Night”.

      Cross-platform play. Enjoy playing with your friends across different platforms. Online multiplay is available for all dungeons. A cross-platform saving feature is also available, so one can play on their mobile device now then play later on a bigger screen.

      New content. Unlock high-difficulty dungeons with bosses never seen before. Take advantage of new skins, character variations for all tribes, new gear, and new enhancement items.

      Lead the caravanners on a fantastic journey to free the tribes from the grip of the Miasma. Enter the world of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition.

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