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    Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is a compilation of six games that includes the best games of both series.

    Mega Man Zero games take place a few hundred years after the events in Mega Man X and the four installments in the series follows the story of Zero, a reploid suffering memory loss that has been awakened to join the resistance. Energy shortage has caused a conflict that has put an end to the peace that humans and reploids have enjoyed for quite a while after the Mavericks were defeated, and humans are trying to destroy all reploids. The awakening of Zero will set in motion a series of events and he will have to fight against countless enemies through the four different games in the series as the story progresses. All of the games in the Mega Man Zero series are 2d side-scrolling action platformers, where the protagonist has to navigate through different levels to fight powerful bosses at the end of each stage, having to switch between different weapons to adjust to every situation.

    The two Mega Man ZX titles included in the collection are set hundreds of years after the events in Mega Man Zero. The series narrated the story of an orphan that finds biometal, which allows him to transform into Mega Man Model X and granting him incredible powers. The games feature a M.E.G.A. system that allows players to alternate between the hero's abilities in real-time to adapt to different situations.

    Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection allows you to experience the complete Mega Man story, with six games in a single package.

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