Contraband Police

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    It's 1981 and the mountainous region of Karikatka is a favorite place to smuggle illegal goods from one country to another. The border between Acarist People's Republic and its neighboring country is strictly guarded by people like you. As one of the border guards inspectors, you will have to do anything it takes to prevent forbidden goods to enter your homeland.

    Contraband Police is an open-world simulator that puts you in the shoes of a border guard. You will have to control the transit of people and goods through the border, which requires you to complete plenty of different daily tasks. These include document control to make sure that everyone meets the ever-increasing requirements, and smuggling detection, which will require you to use appropriate tools to search vehicles for smuggled goods.

    In Contraband Police it's not strange that the smugglers turn violent if they are caught red-handed. Therefore, you should be ready to engage them in shootouts and car chases.

    Contraband Police is a detailed simulator that even allows you to customize the guard post and enhance the police cars to better accomplish your mission.

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