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    Boyfriend Dungeon is a unique combination of two genres that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, romance and dungeon crawler. This very unlikely mix of genres gives birth to an adventure where you play as a character who lives in a world whose inhabitants are under the constant threat of monster attacks. To fight those monsters, you have to go into dungeons and make use of different weapons, but those weapons are other characters too! There are nine weapons available, including Estoc (Isaac), Dagger (Valeria), Talwar (Sunder), Lasersaber, Glaive (Sawyer), Scythe (Rowan), Brass Knuckles (Pocket), Hammer (Leah) and Axe (Jonah). The personalities of the characters linked to them are affected by the type of weapon they are and, of course, each of them grants you different capabilities and allows for different fighting styles in combat. What's even more unusual is that you can upgrade the power of the weapons by dating them and establishing sentimental relationships with them.

    Boyfriend Dungeon is played like an isometric dungeon crawler where you fight monsters as you explore a map. You have different combat options depending on the weapon you are wielding (and dating) and between combats, you can take your weapons on romantic outings.

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