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    Ever wanted to pit ninjas against Vikings? Perhaps knights vs. pirates? Or tanks vs. musketeers? Now you can with Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, a ragdoll physical combat sim that pokes fun at other battle simulators. So if you ever wanted to learn who would win in a hypothetical fight between X and Y, this is NOT how to find out the answer!

    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator lets you use not just historical warriors but fantasy, mythical, and horror characters as well. There are two sides, red and blue, each one composed of tiny bug-eyed physics-based ragdolls. Choose the terrain and watch the bodies fly as the two sides go at each other!

    You can play in campaign mode where you need to defeat a certain faction using units of your choice, or you can go multiplayer and fight head-to-head with another player’s units. Or if you just want to see armies wrecking each other, give a try to the Sandbox mode for unlimited money to buy all the units you want. If that’s not enough, you can create your own custom units through the in-game Unit Creator and share them with others. 

    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator lets you settle age-old debates about who wins in a fight, in the funniest way possible!

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