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    Yoshi's Crafted World is a side-scrolling platformer game set in a 2.5D plane. Unlike many other side-scrolling games, Yoshi’s Crafted World allows players to play the stages backwards, granting two different perspectives, and allowing the camera to flip sides to see behind objects. The viewpoint can be changed when Yoshi stomps the ground. Apart from this new game mechanic, the gameplay is much similar to the prior Yoshi games, where the player can use Yoshi’s tongue to gulp enemies or other items, turn them into eggs, and throw them out. The game features a two-player mode where players control their own Yoshi throughout the stages.

    The game is set on Yoshi’s island. At the topmost peak of the island sits the Sundream Stone, a gem-set artefact that possesses the power to make anyone’s wildest dreams come true. In an attempt to steal the stone, Kamek and Baby Bowser sent the gems flying across the world, and it’s up to Yoshi and his friends to recover them.


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