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    Foxhole is an ambitious and unique massively multiplayer game developed by Siege Camp. The idea behind the game is to create a persistent online war where thousands of players come together to shape its outcome. Every individual soldier, or player, will contribute in their own way with logistic management, base construction, reconnaissance tactics, and ultimately combat skills to win the battles they take part in.

    The Foxhole universe is set during an alternate 20th-century timeline with two rival factions entrenched in an ongoing conflict for survival and domination of the planet’s resources. Players become citizens of these nation states while engaging in various military engagements labeled 'Battlefields'. During each Battlefield event, all active participants can choose which type of role they want to take on as it relates to well-known divisions like logistics infantry armor through scouting. These choices influence every element within this global meta-game including economics morale supplies fuel etc differentiating each engagement from one another even when involving the same nation-state versus their adversary faction. Each controlled territory has tangible rewards for successful outcomes such as access to raw materials used for building up units vehicles command centers air raids etc providing a strategic layer based around resource harvesting new tech research production capabilities and defensive fortifications that help expand political territories across imagined landscapes. The main objective of each Battlefield is for one side to completely take over enemy territory in order to gain both economic and societal advantages.

    Foxhole offers a unique gaming experience, combining strategy, role-playing, and survival into one game. It’s an exciting opportunity for gamers looking to engage in intense online battles as well as strategists who want to test their wits against real players - giving Foxhole an ever-evolving challenge that never gets tiresome. Whether you’re a veteran gamer or new to the genre, Foxhole offers something for everyone.

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