Umbrella Corps

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    Umbrella Corps is a multiplayer, tactical shooter video game developed and published by Capcom. Set in the Resident Evil universe, players take on the role of an elite mercenary who must compete in brutal battles against other mercenaries to obtain vital resources for their employers.

    Umbrella Corps features fast-paced, brutal combat as players move between areas of a map in order to secure objectives or eliminate enemy forces. The player can customize their character with weapons and equipment from a variety of manufacturers and make use of various tactics such as using cover, ambush strategies or aggressive assaults to gain an advantage over opponents.

    Umbrella Corps also includes a unique and exciting zombie mode where players must survive waves of the undead while trying to collect special items that can be used to upgrade weapons or purchase upgrades. With its frantic action and impressive visuals, Umbrella Corps is sure to provide gamers with an intense and thrilling experience.

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