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      Discovering an element known as Ragnium, Dr. Eggman begins to exploit it, damaging the environment in the process. He uses it to create robots that can allegedly stay ahead of Sonic and his friends. Meanwhile, D-FEKT, a robot left behind by Eggman to search for Ragnium, begins to use his magnetic powers to try to become more powerful. Sonic and his friends try to stop Eggman and D-FEKT and restore the ecological balance. Like its predecessor, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, is a side-scrolling platform game in which Sonic and his companions have to navigate their way through different levels. In addition to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks, Amy has been added as a playable character. Players can switch between characters at will to use their unique abilities. A big novelty in this game is the addition of fire and ice elements, which apply to both the environment and character abilities. For example, Sonic can accumulate heat with fire to break blocks of ice or surround himself with ice to freeze water. The game will also offer different special levels, bonus mini-games, challenge rooms, and a 2-player local mode.

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