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You can play Remnant 2 DLC without buying it

You can play Remnant 2 DLC without buying it

Remnant 2 is one of those games that is quite more enjoyable if played alongside some friends. Some fans were concerned about the possibilities the new DLC announced recently will bring. In the case of this souls-like action RPG, you travel to a variety of terrifying worlds as one of the last human survivors. With the new DLC called The Awakened King, players will be able to explore and try to restore balance in a new location under the influence of the Root. A new storyline, new enemies to fight, and plenty of new weapons and equipment to discover will be available next week, and Remnant 2 players can't wait to immerse in the new content.

Don't worry about owning the expansion

Developer Gunfire Games has taken a rather unusual approach to the way players will take on the new content. Usually, you are required to own a specific DLC to enjoy its content, but it's not exactly like that with Remnant 2. To avoid disrupting the multiplayer experience of those who own the game, the studio will allow players to explore the content in The Awakened King in multiplayer even if they do not own the expansion as long as they are grouped with a friend who owns it. Also, you need to own a copy of the DLC to use any of the items that you get while adventuring in the world of Lossom.



With that system, you don't have to worry about being barred from any content in Remnant 2 at any time in multiplayer. Of course, it is in your best interest to purchase your copy of The Awakened King if you want to access all the new equipment and weapons it will add to the game.

The Awakened King DLC will launch next Tuesday and it will add a new world to explore as well as a new class for players to choose from. The Ritualist makes use of dark magic to apply a variety of conditions that hinder and destroy any foes foolish enough to stand in their path.



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