Remnant 2 reveals a secret class

Remnant 2 reveals a secret class

Remnant 2 is the sensation of the moment in the world of video games. Not only it has managed to catch the eye of a huge community but it has also convinced all those players with a solid gameplay experience. The game lays at your feet a multiverse of interconnected worlds via portals where you have to fight against strange enemies and gather resources that will help you and other humans to survive in a world on the verge of destruction. Remnant 2 is a game that features many secrets for you to discover as you progress in the game, and it doesn't make an effort to explain the intricacies of its mechanics, adding another level of mystery to its gameplay for those that enjoy discovering things by themselves. Fortunately, this does not hinder the experience in any way and instead compels you to investigate things by yourself.



As one of the last human survivors, you can choose several paths to develop your character in Remnant 2. The game features several classes, each of them with unique abilities that can help you in combat. Whether you choose to be a support class, a tank, or an offensive damage dealer, the game has the perfect class for you.  You can even combine them to create a build that fits your playstyle.

A hidden jewel

Developer Gunfire Games has created an adventure that already is one of the best games of 2023 due to its features and exciting gameplay. They were so sure of Remnant 2 becoming a big hit that they hid a secret class in the most unexpected place. The Archon archetype could only be revealed by data mining the code of the game! Don't worry; you won't have to do it yourself, but you will have to complete a series of achievements to unlock it in your game.



With the Archon, the number of classes available in Remnant 2 goes up to eleven, leaving you with plenty of choices to develop your character when you unlock them all. If you don't want to miss one of the best Souls-like RPG adventures of the year, all you have to do is use our comparator to get a Remnant 2 PC key today.

Remnant 2
Remnant 2
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