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World of Warcraft surprises its fans with a trilogy of expansions

World of Warcraft surprises its  fans with a trilogy of expansions

After a more than noticeable decrease in the number of players in the game despite the good reception that Dragonflight had, Blizzard is trying to make World of Warcraft great again. This year's Blizzcon has been the perfect stage to announce the novelties coming to one of the most famous MMORPGs of all time. Chris Metzen was the one in charge of talking about the future of World of Warcraft during the event and he surprised the fans when he announced not one but three different expansions for the game.

The beginning of a new saga

World of Warcraft seems to be far from dead in the minds of its developers and the future looks bring and promising for them. A new saga will begin next year in a format that will differ from the current way of releasing expansions for the MMORPG. All of them together will narrate an epic storyline called the Worldsoul Saga, which will delve into the secrets of Azeroth.

The first expansion, The War Within, will be released next year and it will take World of Warcraft players to the depths of the planet once more. The expansion will feature new underground zones to explore in an adventure involving the Nerubians of Azj-kahet, as well as a new allied race and other novelties that will significantly impact gameplay. Among those, the most notable ones include the addition of Hero Talents to further specialize characters and Warbands that allow players on the same account to share reputation, items, and more. More details about these will be shared in the coming months.



Following The War Within, two more chapters of the Worldsoul Saga await the players. Midnight will take players to the elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas to fight against a new threat coming from the Void that will try to destroy the Sunwell. Later, The Last Titan will take you to the frozen lands of the North for the return of the Titans to Azeroth.

The new expansions for World of Warcraft will surely bring back many players to the game. The only real question about them is if the new features will be solid enough to make the fans stay in the game for more than a few weeks. The usual experience offered by the game is still available with Dragonflight for the time being, but the population of the game has declined lately in favour of titles like Final Fantasy XIV Online.



We will have to wait a bit longer to know more about the upcoming changes but they look exciting enough to reignite the fire in the hearts of the fans. If you are one of those, don't forget that World of Warcraft's new expansions will be available with our comparator, including The War Within CD keys at the best price.

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