World of Warcraft's new expansion to be revealed next month

World of Warcraft's new expansion to be revealed next month

Activision Blizzard is still immersed in a deep controversy regarding the mismanagement of the crisis caused by a lawsuit last summer. The final consequences of such an event will still need some time to arrive. Meanwhile, the purchase of the company by Microsoft has somehow prevented the bad situation from escalating, but it has also caused uncertainty about Blizzard's games' future. 

In the case of World of Warcraft, the game was already suffering from some issues, mainly related to content and how the Shadowlands expansion is designed. It seems that plenty of players are disappointed with the evolution of the game and hate being stuck waiting for new content for months. The release of the final patch for Shadowlands has brought back many players to the game, but World of Warcraft is still far from recovering its spot as the most played MMORPG. Many players have found a new home in Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, and more recently, Lost Ark. It's not surprising that Blizzard has just announced that the new World of Warcraft expansion will be revealed next month.



New expansion

The conclusion of the Shadowlands storyline has left plenty of players wondering about the future of the game. Battle for Azeroth was not too popular, so it's unlikely that the new expansion will focus on the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. Other than that, World of Warcraft players have already explored the world of Azeroth, alternate timelines, other planets populated by demons, and the dimension beyond the barriers of reality. Therefore, the next turn in the story seems a bit too hard to figure out.



The new expansion will be announced on April 19. Meanwhile, you can have fun trying to defeat all the bosses in the new raid. Remember that you can get your Shadowlands code at the best price on our comparator.

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