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Wild Hearts' post-launch content will be free

Wild Hearts' post-launch content will be free

With the upcoming release of Wild Hearts on the scope, Koei Tecmo is willing to spill the beans about the game. With competitors as strong as Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, it's very important for the new game in the genre to be appealing to the masses, and monetization is a key element for that. This matter has been brought up by the community in a recent AMA session on Reddit. Wild Hearts executive producer Lewis Harvey left microtransactions completely out of the equation when he answered a question about this matter, also revealing that all the post-launch content for the game will be accessible for free to all players.

"All post-launch contents will be free, including new Kemono and more! We don't have any plans to feature MTX."

That's very good news if we consider that Wild Hearts will feature a total of 20 Kemonos to hunt at launch and it will receive many more in the future. But the questioning revealed even more juicy info about the game. In Wild Hearts, you will enjoy new challenges after you have finished the campaign. These will appear in the world as a new variant of Kemono known as "volatile" that will be much harder to hunt. We will discover more information about the endgame very soon. 



On the technical side, Harvey confirmed the target performance of the game on consoles:

"For both PS5 and XSX WILD HEARTS offers a default performance mode 1080p at 60fps and optional picture quality mode up to 4k and 30fps."

Overall, Wild Hearts is shaping into a very appealing proposal to the fans of the genre but we will have to wait until February 17 to find out what it's made of. If you want to play the game as soon as it's available, check out the best prices and buy a Wild Hearts code with our comparator.

  • Official website : WILD HEARTS
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Electronic Arts
  • Developer : Koei Tecmo
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Co-op
  • Release date : February 16, 2023
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