Wild Hearts could give Monster Hunter a run for its money

Wild Hearts could give Monster Hunter a run for its money

The Monster Hunter series has monopolized that specific department of the action genre. The release of Monster Hunter World on PC coupled with the Iceborne expansion boosted the popularity of the series in the west. It was followed by the launch of Monster Hunter Rise, which added new gameplay mechanics especially designed for Nintendo Switch that would be available on other platforms later. With the announcement of Wild Hearts, Electronic Arts enters the arena as a new challenger that will try to dethrone Monster Hunter from its seat at the top of the genre. 



Wild Hearts will also put you in the shoes of a hunter with gigantic beasts as your prey. The game is set in the world of Azuma, a paradise that was once lush and prosperous. Now, colossal beasts known as Kemono rampage through the land wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of destruction behind them. Fortunately, you are the solution to this problem as one of the few ones able to use the Karakuri. This ancient tech lets you adapt your environment into creative hunting grounds ideal for hunting down the Kemono. 

You can think of the karakuri as ancient contraptions, traps, and pieces of equipment that will allow for a more strategic approach in the battles against the gigantic beasts. Combine them with agile moves and powerful strikes from your weapons, and you will have a chance of taking down the Kemono. 



Wild Hearts will take that type of gameplay to a different level when you play the game with other people. As the number of possible karakuri combinations rises, you will have a better chance of taking down more powerful enemies with elaborate strategies. You will have to find out the best one for every monster, as each beast has different capabilities, resistances, and powers.

It's obvious that Wild Hearts has a lot of similarities with Monster Hunter. The question is if it's unique enough to make a spot for itself and compete with Capcom's series, but we won´t have to wait much longer to know the answer. The release of the game is scheduled for 17th February on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. You can buy Wild Hearts cheap with the help of our comparator.

  • Official website : WILD HEARTS
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Electronic Arts
  • Developer : Koei Tecmo
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Co-op
  • Release date : February 16, 2023
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