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Watch The Surge 2 story Trailer

Watch The Surge 2 story Trailer

The apocalyptic scenario that is presented to us in The Surge 2 is perfectly shown in the story trailer that Focus Home Interactive has just published. Eleven days ahead of the official release of Deck 13's upcoming action-adventure title we can see a bit more of Jericho City and the world where The Surge 2 takes place.

The video is quite short but it manages to transmit the oppressive atmosphere and sense of urgency that arriving at a crumbling metropolis that has been overrun by the nano-virus produces. Even if every faction in the city has its own agenda, the results your decissions and your actions will be the cornerstone of the possible salvation of a city drowned in chaos.

Soldiers enforcing the martial law, robots rampaging through the city, and a threatening nanite storm looming over Jericho City are just some of the problems that you will have to face with the only aid of your powered exo-suit and your trusty modular combat drone. Putting them to the best use and upgrading them with whatever parts and pieces you can salvage from your enemies must be one of your priorities if you want to become powerful enough to survive in the streets of this apocalyptic place in The Surge 2.

On the gameplay side, The Surge 2 offers you to explore a devastated city as you face all kind of threats in brutal and unforgiving combat, with plenty of options to customize your character however you choose with the different parts that you will be able to cut off from your enemies. Making full use of the limb-targeting system in the game will be necessary to make your character more powerful and face the nanite-infested monstrosities that lurk in the depths of the city.

If you had fun with the innovative gameplay system featured in The Surge, the new installment in the series adds plenty of new features to take it to the next level.

The Surge 2 will be released September 24 on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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