Watch Dogs 2 and Football Manager 2020 are free on PC

Watch Dogs 2 and Football Manager 2020 are free on PC

Epic Games Store has been giving away low-profile games for the last couple of weeks but it has surprised us with a new offer that includes not one but three different games that look quite interesting. You can claim Watch Dogs 2, Football Manager 2020 and Stick It To The Man! completely free through Epic Games Store app. You ust need to log in with your account and claim the games to add them to your library of games permanently. The offer will be up for a whole week so there is more than enough time for you to decide.

Watch Dogs 2 follows the story of Marcus Holloway, a talented youngster that joins a group of hackers in order to take down the powerful operating system that is controlling every aspect of the life of the citizens in San Francisco. His efforts will make him discover a corrupted system that manipulates pepople and involves both private companies and goverment organizations. Using his hacking skills, Marcus will have to avoid those hunting him down and do his best to uncover a conspirancy that would have global repercussions.



Football Manager 2020 is the most complete football management simulator and it will place you as the head of your own football club. The game includes plenty of new features and graphic improvements that take the popular management series to a new level. You can set your own objectives and develop your club through several seasons with new advisors that will help you with all aspects of the management.


Finally, Stick It To The Man! is an action platformer that will put you in the shoes of Ray, a man who lives in a universe where everything is made of paper and stickers. After being framed for a crime he didn't commit he accidentally gains strange powers that let him manipulate the world around him by folding it, tearing it, pulling stickers off and sticking them elsewhere and he will use that powers to try and solve his problem with the law.



These three games will be a very nice addition for any library. Remember that you have a week to get them for free before they are replaced by new ones. In this case, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition, which will become available on September 24.

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