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Football Manager 2020 launches tomorrow

Football Manager 2020 launches tomorrow

There are some football fans that want a bit more from their games, especially when it comes to managing your own football team. You can enjoy playing a football match on many games and there are several videogames franchises that focus on that aspect of the sport, like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, but the Football Manager series is the one that also offers you the best management simulation of them all.



With Football Manager 2020 launching tomorrow, the fans will have at their disposal not only a title that refreshes a few faces and team compositions along with some technical upgrades but also a new management system that will make the simulation even more real. Football Manager 2020 gives more importance to the long term development of your team. You will be part of a project and work hard to achieve several goals. The new Club Vision feature contributes to that with a new boardroom experience that allows you to see the future objectives of your club in a plan that spans through five years. Even though you will be able to negotiate particular goals for every season depending on the situation of the club, this system allows you to develop your team in a more realistic way.

To support the new club Vision system, Football Manager 2020 also introduces changes to the backroom staff, adding new roles and more detailed feedback and advice about the performance of your team and every player. The Development Centre hub lets you track the progress of your players, including youth and reserve teams. All these tools allow you to give shape to your team and your strategy to achieve the goals set for your club.

But these are not the only changes coming to the series with Football Manager 2020. This new installment also comes with plenty of graphics improvements that range from the player models to the pitches and how weather affects them, along with a new lighting system that makes the match experience much better.



If managing a football team is your dream, Football Manager 2020 is the game you should be playing, and it will be available on PC from tomorrow.

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