Volition prepares a huge update for Saints Row

Volition prepares a huge update for Saints Row

The recent release of the new Saints Row was received with skepticism by many fans of the franchise that deemed it more similar to the GTA series than to the original games starring the 3rd Street Saints. A new cast of characters in a new location takes away the familiarity built over the years between the fans, which reached its peak with Saints Row IV, but it also adds a whole new world of possibilities that many players have embraced without any concerns. After a somewhat rocky launch due to some bugs in the game and months of fixes, Saints Row is about to find a more comfortable spot thanks to an upcoming patch announced by Volition, which should take gameplay to a new level with significant changes.

The developer studio defines the upcoming Saints Row patch as a "beast". It includes more than 200 fixes and quality-of-life updates that will enhance the game experience. 



What's in the patch?

Co-op mode will get significantly better thanks to improvements in the connectivity, proper player credit rewards, and fixes to the minimap that will make the experience smoother. Saints Row will also keep track of your achievements and challenges completion better, so you won't miss any of them. On the gameplay side, combat encounters have been rebalanced to be more exciting and more rewarding towards your progression in the game. Santo Ileso will feel more lively than ever thanks to the addition of new NPCs and locations, including new garages and districts. You will also be able to customize Boss even further thanks to a new voice pitch slider. 

These changes are just the tip of the iceberg, and we will discover more when the official patch notes are revealed ahead of the release. Volition is committed to turning the reboot of the iconic series into an unforgettable experience, and this update will help a lot to progress in that direction. It will be available to all those that own the game sometime this month. Of course, you can find the best price to buy Saints Row cheap on our comparator.

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