Saints Row still needs some work

Saints Row still needs some work

The new Saints Row was received with skepticism by some fans that would have preferred a follow-up with the same protagonists. The introduction of a new setting and an all-new cast of characters had a significant impact on such a long-lived and popular franchise, and not everyone likes changes. In any case, the new Saints Row promised an exciting experience based on the same premises as its predecessors. Some fans thought that it looked too much like the GTA series, but there are significant differences between them. 



After the recent launch of Saints Row, it was clear that worrying about these changes was rather pointless since there were more pressing problems. The gameplay is not up to the developer's original idea, and the game features a series of bugs that, even though they are not game-breaking, they disrupt the experience. Developer Volition has acknowledged such a fact in a recent blog post, where the studio also announces big changes coming to the game in the first big patch. Saints Row will receive a huge update that will focus on bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements next month. Of course, fixing such problems comes at a price, and Volition has decided to leave aside the original post-launch roadmap momentarily to focus on delivering an appropriate experience with their game.


"This November update will feature over 200 bug fixes and stability upgrades, and it will have a particular focus on challenges, overall stability and co-op. We’re especially aware of issues some players have been having with co-op and we’re sorry these fixes have taken longer than expected while we apply and test them thoroughly. Separately, we know that the game doesn’t always clearly explain how and when co-op is possible, so we are working on this too."


You shouldn't be discouraged if you are a Saints Row fan, because there is still some additional content coming to the game this year. The game is receiving a series of cosmetic packs that all players can unlock for free. The first one is available this week but there are more to come. 

After that, we will see more story content, new gameplay experiences, and more areas of Santo Ileso to explore. All of that is coming next year. Of course, there is no better place where to look for the best prices to buy Saints Row cheap than DLCompare via our comparator.

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