Volition shows the world of the new Saints Row

Volition shows the world of the new Saints Row

Leaving aside the controversy about the new style of the characters and the world coming in the reboot of the Saints Row series, which some of the long-term fans consider too similar to Grand Theft Auto, developer Volition keeps revealing details about the game. After introducing the new members of the Third Street Saints in a recent video, we can now discover a bit more about the scenario where all the action takes place. The city of Santo Ileso comes to life in a two-minute video that the guys at Game Informer shared.



This representation of the American Southwest is a sprawling open world that you can navigate as you please on foot or driving any of the many vehicles at your disposal in Saints Row. It offers you a wide range of scenarios that range from the impressive skyscrapers in the city center to the residential areas in the outskirts, all of them far different from what we could explore in previous installments of the series. Santo Ileso is divided into fifteen different districts, with each of them feeling unique. Of course, your objective in Saints Row is to control the city's criminal world, and to do so, you will have to get rid of the opposition. You will have a wide range of vehicles and weapons at your disposal to achieve such a feat, but remember that the most important thing is to do it in style while having fun.



When is the new Saints Row coming?

The footage shown in the video comes from an early stage of the development of Saints Row, so the final product should look much better. Volition still has enough time to polish the game if needed, as the game's release is scheduled for February 25, 2022. If you want to compare game prices and find the best price to buy Saints Row cheap, feel free to use our comparator anytime.

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