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Saints Row gameplay looks frantic

Saints Row gameplay looks frantic

A few days ago, Volition surprised us with the announcement of the reboot of its most iconic game, Saints Row. We could see a cinematic video that showed the protagonists of the new title stealing a weapon shipment from another gang and trying to escape from them, driving at high speed and spreading chaos through the city. Even though the footage looks fantastic, it has been the target of many complaints on social media. Developer Volition has already had to tackle a massive wave of negativity from people that point at the new Saints Row, calling it a "Grand Theft Auto V clone." The new approach that the creators are taking at the franchise does not seem to please everyone, but they seem to believe that the new Saints Row is the game the fans need.

A brand new Saints Row video comes to back up their conviction. It serves as an introduction for the new city where the game will take place, Santo Ileso, and it also shows some bits of gameplay where we can see that the game will be full of action. This sprawling city in the middle of the southwestern desert will be a wild playground for the Saints, who will face some tough opposition in their attempt to control the criminal world of Santo Ileso. 
The video gives you some insight into the motivations and the personality of each of the new Saints. It also reveals some details about the criminal organizations whose territories you will be trying to take over in Saints Row: the hi-tech assassins of the Marshall Corporation, the brutal Panteros, and the crazy Idols. 


Overall, combining all those elements seems to yield the perfect mix to deliver a fantastic sandbox experience full of action in a new open-world scenario. We will have to wait a bit longer to know if it's enough to please the fans of the series or they prefer the old cast of characters of Saint's Row IV. The developers still have a few months to convince all the fans since the launch of the Saints Row reboot is slated for February 25, 2022, on Xbox One and Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC via Epic Games Store.

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