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Victoria 3: Voice of the People deepens the immersion level of the game

Victoria 3: Voice of the People deepens the immersion level of the game

Paradox Interactive has a long story of creating awesome strategy and simulation games. Victoria 3 is its latest creation and it offers you the possibility of creating your ideal society during the 19th century. The game is a total blast for the fans of the genre as it includes detailed graphics, a deep economic system, and a myriad of ways of expanding your nation from 1836 to 1936 while controlling every aspect of it from politics to technology development. But Paradox also loves to expand its games with even more features and releases DLC packs that add many novelties. We have seen it with Europa Universalis IV, which has an unprecedented number of DLC, and it's happening to Victoria 3 too.

Activism enters the political scene

The latest DLC for Victoria 3 takes a different shape. Paradox calls it an Immersion Pack, and it stands in the middle ground between the smallest DLC and a big expansion. Victoria 3: Voice of the People adds more detail to French politics with new events, missions, buildings, and art inspired by French history. The DLC also includes the brand new Agitator System, which introduces 60 real historical figures whose actions can have a significant impact on the development of all nations in the game. People like John Brown, Rosa Luxembourg, or Giuseppe Mazzini have their own agenda and they will push for political changes to be made in each country. They can have a significant role in the future of your nation, whether you choose to support them and take advantage of their ideas, or just send them to exile so they can bug some others. 



Even though Victoria 3: Voice of the People is more valuable to players that pick France as their nation in the game, the Agitator System also makes it worthy for all other players since it adds an element of political instability that spices up your gameplay. If you are a fan of grand strategy games, you can find Victoria 3 and Victoria 3: Voice of the People PC keys at the best price with our comparator.

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