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Two Point abandons its hospital for the campus

Two Point abandons its hospital for the campus

Two Point Studios has forged a name for itself as a developer thanks to the spiritual successor of Theme Hospital. Their business simulation game Two Point Hospital takes the classic hospital management title as a foundation to deliver an entertaining and hilarious experience like no other. In the game, you can build your own hospital from scratch and then take care of every aspect of its management so it becomes a profitable business. The game includes a ludicrous number of assets that you can use to create your medical facilities, including a wide range of furniture, decorations, medical equipment, and more. Once you open it to the public, the hospital will receive a lot of patients afflicted by some of the most hilarious and funny illnesses you can think of, and you will have to make sure that they receive the proper treatment. If you work hard you will soon be swimming in your profit, but there are also plenty of unexpected events that can have an impact on your success. Also, Two Point Hospital includes a variety of scenarios that require you to manage very special hospitals under specific conditions, making the management process quite a challenge.

The game already has a few expansions that add plenty of novelties, but it seems that Two Point is working on a different project. Thanks to a Microsoft Store listing that was published yesterday, we have discovered that the follow-up to Two Point Hospital will have a completely different setting. Two Point Campus seems to be the upcoming game from the studio, and it will put the focus on university life instead of hospitals. It looks like it will be quite similar when it comes to gameplay and your mission will be to create and manage a university campus to make it profitable. According to the pictures published, and that are not available anymore, it seems that there will be plenty of activities for the students in your university to engage in, including jousting and cooking. 


two point campus


There is no official statement from Two Point Studios regarding this matter yet, but we are sure that it won't be too long until they announce Two Point Campus. Meanwhile, you can continue focusing on the management of your hospital.

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