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Two Point Hospital goes eco-friendly

Two Point Hospital goes eco-friendly

Two Point Hospital is not your usual management game. As a spiritual successor of Theme Hospital, the game allows you to take on the task of building and managing your own hospital, but it also adds a good dose of healthy humor and craziness to the mix with unexpected illnesses and events. The game already has received plenty of extra content since it was released in 2018, including free updates and paid DLCs like Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island. Each of those additions has a certain theme, and the same happens with the new DLC that has been announced for the game, Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid, which will explore a new way of managing your hospital while being respectful to the environment.



Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid will offer the players the possibility of taking part in the re-election campaign of the current Two Point county Major, Tabitha Windsock. Her campaign is focused on making the county eco-friendly and as you can imagine, you will be in the spotlight as the manager of one of the most important infrastructures in the county. Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid gives you the opportunity of expanding your hospital-building operation to three new parts of the county. That is directly translated into new challenges and illnesses that you will have to treat, but it also implies the development of new treatment methods that are not harmful to the environment.

In Wanderoff County Park, the nature commune of Holistix has developed its own "Wellness Index" and you will have to score high on it if you want to get properly paid for your services. The second location is Old Newpoint, a settlement with a tradition focused on botany, where you will have to develop alternative and greener methods to treat their afflictions. Finally, running a hospital in Windsock County will require you to build green energy machines to power your hospital.

Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid will be available on 18th March 2020 on PC. You can check the best prices to buy Two Point Hospital on our comparator.


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