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Two Point Hospital is adding new cooperative features

Two Point Hospital is adding new cooperative features

Two Point hospital is a hospital management and building simulator that follows the steps of the renowned title from Bullfrog, Theme Hospital. It has a lot of great features and delivers a lot of fun both in the form of a strategy game and as a title full of humor, as proven by the crazy situations and illnesses that you will have to deal as you try that your hospital becomes a profitable business. But it seems that the people at Two Point Studios think that all that is not enough of a task for the players, and now they have decided to add new cooperative features to Two Point Hospital with the Superbug Initiative.



Superbug Initiative is a new cooperative feature that will be added to Two Point Hospital through a free update on April 30th. It will allow players to work together to complete in-game challenges that will provide unique rewards for those participating. Players will collaborate in both group and global medical projects to unlock cutting-edge medical technology and rare items for their hospitals. Two Point Studios has confirmed that they will be adding new challenges over time after the Superbug Initiative launches by the end of this month, but if you already own the game and you are eager to give a try to the new features, it´s possible to do it by selecting the Beta version of your Two Point Hospital game on Steam. Other than the main game, Two Point hospital already has had a lot of extra content added since it launched in August last year, including both free updates and DLC like Pebberly Island, but developers keep adding variety to this incredibly fun management game with new crazy situations and illnesses.



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