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The world of Chernobylite is quite disturbing

The world of Chernobylite is quite disturbing

There are many survival horror games that take on imaginary or science fiction premises to deliver a thrilling experience, but sometimes you don't have to leave the real world to find truly terrifying places. Chernobylite takes place in the Exclusion Zone surrounding the Chernobyl Power Pant after the huge disaster that left the area contaminated by radiation, drastically changing the lives of all those that survived. The event is engraved in the minds of people all over the world as the worst nuclear accident in history, but it's even worse for those that experienced it firsthand. Chernobylite puts you in the shoes of a former employee of the nuclear plant who is investigating the disappearance of his fiancee 30 years earlier. But the area surrounding Chernobyl is a strange place where many things have suffered a transformation and that hides unspeakable horrors.

While you try to find answers, Chernobylite's oppressive atmosphere will keep you permanently on your toes. The fear of getting contaminated by radiation will be present all the time, and it will limit your survival choices. Every one of your decisions during the game will have an impact on the final outcome. Chernobylite allows you to play by your own rules, but it also lets you establish relationships with other characters and form a group. The Exclusion Zone is very dangerous, and any help that you can enlist will be more than welcome. A new video published by All In! Games allows you to take a peek at the mysterious world of Chernobylite as it reveals a few things about your fiancee's story.



Chernobylite is currently available on Steam's Early Access, but you will be able to play the final version of the game very soon, as its release is scheduled for July 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

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