The Last of Us Part I Remake receives a new patch with fixes

The Last of Us Part I Remake receives a new patch with fixes

The Last of Us is a cult game with many followers. Therefore, its new version met very high expectations at launch. Even though The Last of Us Part I Remake delivers an experience with novelties and enhancements at many levels, there is room for more improvements. The game has some issues that have been hindering its results, and it has already been subject to a couple of hotfixes. Developer Naughty Dog has released a new patch full of fixes in an attempt to calm down the voices that have risen against the state of the game.



Another patch and more to go

Patch for The Last of Us Part I Remake reduces memory requirements to address certain game crashes, increases animation streaming memory to improve performance during gameplay and cinematics, and adds a fix for crashes on the first boot. The development team is closely monitoring the game and investigating other issues that have been reported, including a possible memory leak, performance and stability degradation, and more.

It seems that delaying the release of The Last of Us Part I Remake, which was originally scheduled for March 3, was the correct decision. Unfortunately, 25 days have not been nearly enough to give the game as much polishing and fine-tuning as it needs. Naughty Dog will have to put quite a bit of effort into bringing the game to acceptable levels of performance. After all, there is a legion of fans regularly asking for a third installment in the popular series, and it would be a problem for them if this remake is a failure.

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