The Great War: Western Front redefines history this month

The Great War: Western Front redefines history this month

There are many choices if you are looking for a real-time strategy game based on the biggest conflicts in history that delivers a great experience. The Great War: Western Front is significantly different from other famous titles like Company of Heroes 3, not only because the scenario is not the same, but also because it takes a completely different approach to certain aspects of gameplay. Both games allow you to command armies and experience the woes of war on a big scale, with historical scenarios and a fairly accurate representation of many details about the conflict. Company of Heroes 3 follows the steps of its predecessors and adds a new style of campaign set in two World War II scenarios seldom visited. Meanwhile, The Great War: Western Front also focuses on a specific theatre of war in the World War 1 conflict,as a scenario, but it features a more classic gameplay style that is not short of innovations.

More than historical accuracy

Petroglyph recently released a developer-commented video that gives you some insight into the features and gameplay in The Great War: Western Front. The game aims to deliver an experience as real as possible by making use of gameplay mechanics that highlight the peculiarities of World War 1, where attrition was a decisive factor. You can get a better idea with the official description:

"Every decision players make will have a telling impact on their war effort, from how they best utilise vital economies of gold and supply, to the ground-breaking technologies they’ll commit their research points to in an effort to tip the balance of the war in their favour.

Returning to deteriorating battlefields carrying the scars from previous conflicts, Commanders must utilise their resources to bring their plans to fruition; creating intricate trench networks, engaging enemy fighters in gruelling dogfights or launching co-ordinated artillery barrages.

Across an immersive campaign, players will discover a war of attrition where each victory and defeat has its own cost. At times the best outcome may be calling a halt in order to preserve valuable resources and morale, as they seek to wear down their opponent’s National Will in a conflict unlike any other."


The Great War: Western Front revolves around what you would do if you were in control of any of the factions involved. Whether you play as the Allied Nations or The Central Powers, you already know about the outcome of World War 1, but the game gives you the freedom of choice to play through history or redefine it. Depending on your decisions during the campaign, the final outcome can be quite different. This goes beyond what side comes up victorious, and it's more about the direction the campaign takes on every step.



If you are a fan of the strategy genre and want to delve into this exciting experience, The Great War: Western Front will launch on March 20 for PC. Feel free to use our comparator to get your The Great War: Western Front Steam key at the best price.

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