Tekken 8 release date has been leaked

Tekken 8 release date has been leaked

Leaks are almost impossible to stop when it comes to eagerly anticipated games. Even if it's just a few hours ahead of the official reveal at the upcoming Gamescom Opening Night Live show, the release date for Tekken 8 has been unofficially revealed. Fortunately, this won't diminish the expectation for the presentation, especially because Katsuhiro Harada himself will attend the event to talk about the new installment in the legendary fighting video game series. This time, the source of the leak turns out to be Microsoft Store, which adds a shade of truth to the information, which has rapidly spread throughout the Internet.

Begin the year with a good fight

According to the leak, Tekken 8 will release on January 26, 2024. There were already rumors about the game releasing in early next year, but nobody announced a release date. We still will have to wait a few hours to see if Harada confirms the date at the Gamescom, but it totally makes sense. Bandai Namco has been revealing details about Tekken 8 for a while now. We have seen videos detailing its new features and the presentation of plenty of iconic characters, including Jin Kazama, King, Marshall Law, and more.



The return of the Tekken series will undoubtedly appeal to a huge community of fans. Tekken 8 will compete with Street Fighter 6 and other fighting games to be the most popular during next year's EVO. If the game releases in January, professional players will have more than enough time to get used to the game ahead of the most important tournament worldwide.

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Tekken 8
Tekken 8
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