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The adorable game Tchia reached a 1-million players milestone

The adorable game Tchia reached a 1-million players milestone

Developer Awaceb and publisher Kepler Interactive announced today that the stunning open-world island adventure Tchia has soul-jumped into the hearts and minds of more than 1 million players six weeks after its launch to critical acclaim on PlayStation consoles and PC. In celebration of this milestone, Awaceb has released a brand-new accolades trailer and opened pre-orders for a new PS4 and PS5 physical version of Tchia, launching July 18.

You can check out the Accolades trailer and critics' thoughts about Tchia:



Awaceb's brand-new physical version of Tchia, distributed in partnership with Maximum Games, hits PS4 and PS5 on July 18. The physical Oléti edition includes a cosmetic pack inspired by Kepler Interactive's family of games. Customize your boat, ukulele, glider, and even Tchia's outfit with items and looks from Kepler's suite of games, including Sifu, Scorn, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, and Cat Quest-inspired designs. 

Tchia puts players in the shoes of a young adventurer, Tchia, who ventures out to save her father from the grips of the archipelago's tyrannical ruler, Meavora. With an army of mindless minions to face down called the Maano, players will have to use their creativity as well as some mystical tools - including soul-jumping and a magical ukulele - to defeat the fabric creatures one and for all. Along the way, players will immerse themselves in a world inspired by the tiny island nation of New Caledonia, from its unique landmarks and biomes to the unique culture of the people who call it home. Praised by critics for its charming physics-based sandbox that begs to be explored and sense of childlike wonder, Tchia offers a breathtaking look at a part of the world many have never seen.



With inherent Soul-Jumping powers at her disposal, Tchia can take control of almost any object or animal she can find to give her the edge in combat and traversal. From taking flight as a bird to reach mountain peaks, plunging to the ocean depths as a dolphin, to setting Meavora's mindless minions alight as a lantern, players will turn the environment into the ultimate tool.

New Caledonia is indeed a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and not a fictitious place. The settings and environment of Tchia are inspired by the island, and all the recorded music, choirs, and voice acting are performed by local artists from New Caledonia.

Tchia is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store. If you want to experience a heartwarming adventure surrounded by coziness, check out our comparator for the best deals on Tchia and explore to your heart's content.

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