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Tales of the Neon Sea is free on PC

Tales of the Neon Sea is free on PC

You don't really need a big AAA title to have fun playing video games. Sometimes a good idea serves as a foundation to create an exciting adventure that keeps you glued to the screen for a while, and Tales of the Neon Sea is exactly that. This cyberpunk adventure will put you in the shoes of Rex, a former policeman that now works as a private investigator in a dystopic world. You have a lot of experience in solving crimes and that's something that has had an impact on yourself too. Several parts of your body have been replaced by cybernetic implants. Those pieces of tech grant you special capabilities that are very useful in your line of work.

In Tales of the Neon Sea, you will navigate through different scenarios of a futuristic city while looking for clues that will help you solve a crime. You will need to make use of your enhanced capabilities in order to solve a wide variety of puzzles as you progress in your investigation. Game mechanics are quite simple but the whole experience is accompanied by a gripping and intriguing narrative that will slowly captivate you. In your endeavors, you will have the most unusual assistant, William the black cat, who will be of great help as he can reach places that you are not able to. Once you have collected enough clues in a scene, you will have access to a mini-game in which you will have to place several sprockets in a watch to make it work, which will reveal what has happened at a certain moment according to your deductions.



Tales of the Neon Sea is an entertaining adventure in which mystery takes a prominent role. You can now get the full game for free on PC and keep it forever. All you have to do is visiting Epic Games Store, logging in with your account, and claim the game for free. You have until next Thursday to get your copy of Tales of the Neon Sea since it will be replaced by another game on that date.

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