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Survival genre hits a popularity peak with Enshrouded

Survival genre hits a popularity peak with Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a new survival video game that is contributing to making this January quite an unusual month in the world of video games. The biggest releases expected for early 2024 were Tekken 8 and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Despite these two have managed to catch the eyes of many players and achieve impressive numbers across all platforms, they have been surpassed by Enshrouded on Steam with a peak of 145.000 players and one million copies sold in just four days. Of course, the survival game from Keen Games GmbH is still far from the numbers achieved by Palworld, which is the most popular game of 2024 by a wide margin so far.

Enshrouded offers a survival experience that is nothing like Palworld and puts you in the shoes of one of the last members of a dying race. The game is set in a fantasy world devastated by the effects of a plague known as the Shroud that your ancestors unleashed as a result of their thirst for magical power. Awakening in the aftermath of such events, you find yourself almost naked and alone in a sprawling open world populated by dangerous creatures that have been corrupted by the Shroud.

Survival at its best

In Enshrouded, your goal is to survive by any means at hand. The game puts at your disposal a wide variety of survival mechanics and a detailed crafting system. The game allows you to create everything you need to survive, from powerful weapons to a settlement that offers shelter to you and your allies. As you progress through the game, NPCs will seek refuge in your base, and they can supply you with valuable knowledge that unlocks new building options and crafts.

Enshrouded delivers a thrilling and challenging gameplay experience with its action-based combat. Each type of weapon you wield allows you to use a wide range of attacks. Whether you prefer to fight in close quarters with melee weapons or at range with projectile weapons or magic, Enshrouded has an option for you. You will need to master your combat abilities to defeat powerful enemies and bosses that you will find while exploring the territories under the influence of the Shroud.



Enshrouded still has a long journey ahead since it has just been released on Early Access. The developer of the game intends to add more features and polish the game in the coming months.

It's worth noticing that survival video games have always been quite popular. The latest unexpected big hit in the genre was probably Valheim, and it's still quite popular years after it was released.

Enshrouded is a solid contender for the title of the new king of survival video games, and the numbers back it up. If you want to immerse into its world, use our comparator to purchase an Enshrouded Steam key and find out why it is so popular yourself.

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