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Super Mario Bros. Wonder gets an overwhelmingly positive reception from critics

Super Mario Bros. Wonder gets an overwhelmingly positive reception from critics

Super Mario Bros. has taken many shapes in its long history as a video game franchise. The games starring the legendary plumber hero and his friends have led the evolution of the genre becoming a source of inspiration for many other platformers when it comes to gameplay mechanics and innovations. Nintendo has always managed to surprise the fans with every new installment in the series. Titles like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey contributed to keeping the franchise alive but the huge community of fans that supports Super Mario games has never forgotten the origin in 2D of the series. Now, Super Mario Bros. Wonder aims to become the natural evolution of the series by retaking the classic gameplay style from the original games and modernizing it with new gameplay features.

A new standard for Super Mario games

The release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is scheduled for tomorrow exclusively on Nintendo Switch. As it happens with many games, the game has been analyzed by specialized press and the results are unanimous: Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the game the fans have been waiting for years. Not only does gameplay reminisce of the original games in the franchise, but the plethora of additions and changes feel natural and make it even more exciting and addictive.



From the new disguises and powers for Mario and his friends to the scenario-changing properties of the Wonder flowers, Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings in many features that really enhance the gameplay experience. It's not only about discovering the novelties themselves; they are integrated into an experience that feels quite similar to what the fans could enjoy back in the day when playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time. Even the outstanding graphics with neat sprites and fluid animations look like a natural evolution of the pixelated art from the originals.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has become one of the most anticipated games on the year on Nintendo Switch after The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The game is bound to become a big hit after tomorrow's release. Remember that if you don't want to miss it, you can use our comparator to get a Super Mario Bros. Wonder CD key for Nintendo Switch and preload the game as soon as today.

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