Sea of Thieves presents its new adventure

Sea of Thieves presents its new adventure

Sea of Thieves has expanded in many ways since it launched in 2018. the popular pirate-themed MMORPG has seen the addition of many features and gameplay modes and the removal of many others. It has changed its structure a few times before getting comfortable with delivering the kind of content that its fans wanted. One of the latest additions to the game is the Mysteries, a new type of event aimed at the community that requires cooperation to solve an enigma. But that's not the only content in Sea of Thieves

Along with sailing the seas for plunder and fighting other pirates, players can also embark on adventures, which are rich narrative experiences that serve as a background for their games. Developer Rare has just announced the theme of the upcoming adventure for Sea of Thieves, and it will focus on one of the iconic characters in the game, whose disappearance is a complete mystery.


A mysterious disappearance

The Forsaken Hunter will run from June 30 to July 14, and it will ask players to hunt down Merrick after the events in Golden Sands. Ghosts, treasures, and secrets are the key to this new narrative experience that expands the lore of Sea of Thieves

The launch of the new adventure will precede the new season in Sea of Thieves, which will kick off on July 21, bringing even more novelties to the game. You will be able to name your ship and customize your cabin, and plenty of progression rewards will be at your disposal if you work hard enough to unlock them.



Sea of Thieves receives content updates often enough to keep its fans entertained. If you want to become a pirate and join others in an epic adventure across the sea, visit our comparator to find the best deals in video games and grab your Sea of Thieves Xbox key at the best price.

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