Samurais and magic mingle in Mahokenshi

Samurais and magic mingle in Mahokenshi

Japanese history is full of interesting characters. There are many games inspired by them, but there are also quite a few that add touch of fantasy to create exciting adventures. Mahokenshi combines samurais and magic to create a unique universe where you take the role of a warrior tasked with protecting the Celestial Islands against the attack of fearful enemies. This turn-based tactical role-playing game puts you in the shoes of a Mahokenshi, a powerful samurai mage that belongs to one of four samurai houses: Sapphire, Topaz, Ruby, and Jade. The members of each of the houses have access to unique skills and use a different combat style. Only by mastering your abilities will you be able to face the foes that will assault you as you explore the Celestial Islands.

Mahokenshi combines turn-based tactics mechanics with deckbuilding to let you face dangerous opponents in thrilling combats. The Celestial Islands take the shape of a hexagonal grid that you can explore as you please while you follow the story. You will encounter a variety of challenging opponents that will try to block your advance. To defeat them, you will build a deck with cards that represent the different skills and attacks at your disposal. You will get additional cards to expand your deck and adjust it to your preferred playstyle as you defeat enemies, find treasures, and complete missions in Mahokenshi. These cards will allow you to reposition yourself, attack enemies, evade their attacks, and more.



Mahokenshi features beautiful graphics and fully animated characters that bring the world to life as you explore the Celestial Islands. The release of the game is scheduled for January 24 on PC. As usual, you can find the best price to buy your Mahokenshi Steam key with our comparator if you want to immerse in this fantasy world full of magic and deadly swordfights.

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