Salvation's Edge is the new raid in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Salvation's Edge is the new raid in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Destiny 2: The Final Shape has finally arrived to revolutionize Bungie's shooter. The new Prismatic class, new exotics, the opportunity to explore the depths of the Traveler, and the final clash with the Witness are just the highlights of an expansion that brings an epic conclusion to a saga that has lasted for 10 years already. The expansion is already playable but the first opportunity to delve into the new raid arrives today, when Salvation's Edge opens its doors. Bungie has released a spectacular trailer that provides players with a first look at the raid, which is perfect for those who want to discover what The Witness has prepared for them.

Muster your allies and get ready to fight

Starting today teams from all over the world will be immersed in a frantic race to be the first one to complete the raid. Just a few days after the expansion was released, there is nothing decided in terms of what's the best possible equipment to use to tackle the threats that await you in Salvation's Edge. Therefore, only those capable of adapting their strategies on the fly will have a chance of overcoming all the obstacles and fighting against the most challenging enemies in the expansion. The competition will surely generate great hype among the fans of Destiny 2.



Whether you have been playing Destiny 2 since it was released ten years ago or you have discovered it recently, Destiny 2: The Final Shape is worth taking a look at. The expansion brings plenty of novelties that will definitely change the way you play Destiny 2. Remember to check out the best prices on Destiny 2: The Final Shape digital codes and prepare to fight against The Witness for the future of the galaxy.

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