Planet Zoo will have a new DLC very soon

Planet Zoo will have a new DLC very soon

Planet Zoo is a worthy spiritual successor to the Zoo Tycoon franchise, which already made it possible for you to create and manage your own zoo. But Planet Zoo has taken zoo simulation to a whole new level. The game takes advantage of Frontier's experience in similar games, notably the latest Zoo Tycoon, but also the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, including Planet Coaster, which was released in 2016 and is also the spiritual successor of the amusement park management simulation series.

Planet Zoo has a ton of content to build your zoo with. The base game alone features over 70 animals. Three DLCs have already been released for the game. The Arctic Pack focuses on cold climate fauna. The South America Pack lets us delve into the jungle. And the most recent, the Australia Pack, which came out this summer and includes new animals and decorative elements.

Frontier has just announced a fourth DLC for Planet Zoo with a theme that many players have been waiting for, and it is an Aquatic Pack. The trailer doesn't clearly reveal what content it will contain, but we can see one of the new species included in the pack, the king penguin. On the game's official website we can see that the other species will be the giant otter, the gray seal, the Cuvier's dwarf caiman, and the Malaclemys terrapin turtle as a vivarium animal. The addition of these animals will introduce a new game mechanic, deep swimming. We do not yet know what it is exactly about, but since these animals are aquatic they will need a larger mass of water which is especially deep and this will have an impact on how we will have to take care of them, and on the construction of their habitat. The Aquatic Pack will also add new plants over 170 modern-style decoration items.



The Aquatic Pack for Planet Zoo will be released on December 8, if you do not yet have the game do not hesitate to visit our comparator to find it at the best price.

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