Planet Zoo is heading to Australia from August 25 with its next DLC

Planet Zoo is heading to Australia from August 25 with its next DLC

Planet Zoo, the spiritual successor of Zoo Tycoon, also developed by Frontier has had a very good reception among the players s since its release at the end of 2019. Acclaimed by critics and having won several awards, it must be said that Planet Zoo is impressive thanks to the beauty of its graphics and the freedom it leaves to the player, especially in terms of creativity.

Over fifty species of animals and hundreds of construction and customization items are included in the base game, allowing for almost endless possibilities. But Planet Zoo offers even more content to the players via DLC. Two additional content packs have already been released since the game's launch, the Arctic Pack and the South America Pack, each including a new biome, new animals, and construction items.

Frontier has just announced a third DLC, the Australia Pack, which will be released no later than August 25. It will add five new species: koala, red kangaroo, cassowary, dingo, and blue-tongued skink. Of course, to accommodate your new animals, over 230 decorative items will be included in the Australia Pack, ranging from building elements to new plants and rocks. New challenges will be available too.



In addition to the release of the Australia DLC Pack, the free Update 1.3 will also be launched on August 25. It will add a number of features. The most important is undoubtedly the introduction of new color variations for animals, allowing more variety within the same species. Improvements concerning the feeding of your animals and staff management will also be integrated. Planet Zoo Update 1.3 will also add food and drink dispensers for your visitors, a new map for sandbox mode, timed scenarios, and more. To check the full list of Update 1.3 additions, you can visit this address.

Australia Pack will be available on August 25, as well as Update 1.3, which will be free for all Planet Zoo players.



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