Planet Zoo introduces Easter cheat codes

Planet Zoo introduces Easter cheat codes

Since it was released last November, Planet Zoo has become the ideal game for all simulation game fans and animal lovers. Developed by Frontier, it is a worthy successor to the Zoo Tycoon franchise. Through its different game modes, it lets players manage a zoo from A to Z, from the well being of your animals to the management of your employees, through the satisfaction and education of visitors. In addition to the realism of the animals, one of the strengths of Planet Zoo is the almost total freedom it offers in terms of creativity. Its construction and terrain modification systems allow you to bring your wildest ideas to life if you have the patience for it.

And speaking of crazy ideas, Frontier just introduced a few surprises in the game to celebrate Easter. These additions take a rather original form since they are cheat codes that allow you to do some fun actions in the game.

The first two are related to your visitors. By clicking on a visitor, you can change their name to "SelenaM", which will give each of your visitors a balloon. Once they are all equipped, if you do the same with the "JayC" code, you will witness a very nice release of balloons.

The next code is related to your animals and their habitat. The principle is always the same, by renaming an animal with the code "MeggieB", you will transform it into a kind of large plush (try it on a baby elephant in particular for a "too cute" effect). If you want to play with the physics of the game, call your animal "DaveBamber"and you will be able to send flying a bunch of items by clicking on them. The last code, "MontseC", can be used by renaming a habitat, and it will make hearts appear around the animals which are present there when they mate.

But the thing that really adds more fun to Planet Zoo is its brand new DLC, Planet Zoo: South America Pack. If you do not have the game yet, do not hesitate to visit our comparator to find it at the best price.

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