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You will need a powerful PC to play Godfall

You will need a powerful PC to play Godfall

We can't deny that Godfall looks amazingly good in the videos that have been published so far, but at the same time, nobody expected that the system requirements to play the game on PC would be so steep. Counterplay's upcoming action role-playing game got the interest of many players since it was shown during The Game Awards in December 2019. Since then, we have had the opportunity to discover more information about the game, including details about the combat system and some other interesting features. The spectacular graphics shown in the videos revealed to the date have focused on PlayStation 5 footage so we are not sure at all of what kind of performance will PC players get when playing Godfall. The recent reveal of the system requirements to play Godfall on PC don't really contribute to clarify anything on that matter. You can check them below:



As you can see, you will need quite a powerful PC to play Godfall, and that's something that has already raised a lot of concerns among the players that would love to play it at launch. It's known that Godfall will feature amazing graphics in 4K but nothing has been said about what kind of performance will PC players get with the requirements stated above. Although that is not usually a concern in other cases, it's especially worth considering for Godfall, as there will be quite a lot of players that may have to upgrade their rigs to play the game. Also, there are quite a few players that think that those are not the real requirements and that it's some sort of mistake.



It's quite clear that with the upcoming release of PS5 we are bound to see games with better graphics. Although PCs are usually more powerful on that matter, it wouldn't be too strange if we would see an increase in the average requirements needed to play certain video games on PC in the future, especially with the arrival of a new generation of GPU cards. That said, the release of Godfall is scheduled for November 12 on PlayStation 5 and PC, so you still have some time if you need to make adjustments to your computer.


  • Official website : Godfall
  • Categories : Action , Role-Playing
  • Editor : Gearbox Software
  • Developer : Counterplay Games
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : November 12, 2020
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