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Godfall shows two weapon classes in a new gameplay video

Godfall shows two weapon classes in a new gameplay video

After being announced at The Game Awards 2019, Godfall has disappeared from the map. Except for a trailer shown in June, developer Counterplay Games has been pretty much silent about their upcoming action game-adventure game, and many of the players that liked the game when it was revealed were eager to know more about the game. Yesterday's State of Play was chosen by Counterplay Games to show Godfall's gameplay in a new video that also gives us an overview of the weapon class system in the game. The video goes into detail about the longsword and the dual swords, explaining their different combos and the kind of skills you can use with each weapon.



Obviously, each of the weapon classes available in Godfall favors a certain style of play and will be better used in certain situations. For an action game that is focused on melee, combat variety is always welcome and it seems like Godfall is going to provide players with enough options to choose from. Another element present in the video and that has surprised us is the shield. It seems that you can use it no matter what kind of weapon you are using since the ones shown in the video seem to be some sort of energy or retractable shields that you can materialize at will to use them for blocking enemy attacks. It also seems that you can use your shield for offensive means in Godfall, either as a throwing weapon or to strike your enemies in several ways, expanding your range of movements and tactical options in combat exponentially no matter what weapon class you are using.



Godfall will take you to a world divided into five elemental realms in which you will play as the last member of a Knight Order who is in charge of preventing an apocalyptic catastrophe.

  • Official website : Godfall
  • Categories : Action , Role-Playing
  • Editor : Gearbox Software
  • Developer : Counterplay Games
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : November 12, 2020
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