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No Rest for the Wicked enters Early Access tomorrow

No Rest for the Wicked enters Early Access tomorrow

Moon Studios GmbH has the support of a sizeable community due to its work on the Ori series, but the upcoming release of No Rest for the Wicked opens the door to a brand new franchise. Unlike Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the new game from the Austrian studio is an exciting action RPG set in a kingdom ravaged by a deadly plague. The void of power caused by the death of the king has led several factions vying for power to a cruel fight behind the scenes while the plague ravages the land. Only the action of a group of holy warriors can prevent the kingdom from falling into chaos as the Pestilence consumes it. As one of these warriors, No Rest for the Wicked pits you against all odds in an epic adventure.

Early Access trailer

No Rest for the Wicked will begin its journey through Early Access on Steam tomorrow, and its developer has released a spectacular trailer to celebrate it. The video shows the protagonist of the game fighting against a variety of creatures and it reveals a unique art style with great attention to detail and impressive graphics. 



Combat is slightly different from any other ARPG in No Rest for the Wicked as it emphasizes a gameplay style that reminisces the Dark Souls series. Attacking and dodging at the right moment while memorizing the different attack patterns from your opponents will be the key to staying alive and progressing in the game. You can think of the game as the perfect mix between both Diablo and Dark Souls as it offers you the best of both worlds

The best deals to buy a cheap No Rest for the Wicked Steam code are already available with our comparator. The game still has a long path ahead until the final version is released, but it definitely looks like something that no fan of the genre should miss due to its outstanding graphics, epic story, and thrilling gameplay.

Apr 17, 2024, 2:46 PM
i hope this is a dark souls game, not a movie game. hey i'm not complaining about cutscenes, it's great for the game to have a story, just make it appealing
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