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No Rest for the Wicked will be playable in April

No Rest for the Wicked will be playable in April

The creators of Ori and the Blind Forest gladly surprised critics and players with the exciting story and unique graphic style of their platformer. Now, Moon Studios will do the same again with its new adventure. No Rest for the Wicked is a thrilling role-playing game set in a world in disarray because of the death of the King and the expansion of a curse that turns people into abominations. The studio has stepped outside of its comfort zone to create a new type of adventure that the developers define as "a Shakespearian tale with very strong human themes like family, trust, betrayal, comradery, and so on.” However, No Rest for the Wicked shares some traits with previous games developed by Moon Studios and this alone could make the game one of the most interesting releases coming in the next few months.

No Rest for the Wicked is set in the land of Isola Sacra. The recent death of the King has created a power void that several factions try to use to push their own agendas ahead. On one side, the church, on the other, the rightful heir to the throne, Magnus, who is arrogant and has yet to demonstrate his value. In the game, you play as Cerim, a mystical holy warrior who has sworn to defeat the Pestilence that afflicts the land at any cost. However, you are caught in the political struggle between the factions that try to control the region, making your mission almost impossible. Navigating your way through these chaotic circumstances, you will have to fight hard to cleanse the land and create a safe future for the kingdom.

Outstanding art style

No Rest for the Wicked is full of exciting features that make the game quite a noteworthy adventure. Its thrilling action-based combat, a detailed crafting system that allows you to equip your character however you want, and a thrilling storyline with a solid narrative are reason enough to give the game an opportunity. But what makes No Rest for the Wicked stand out is its unique art style. Everything in the game looks like taken from an ancient painting. The game's strikingly beautiful graphics and impressive attention to detail will surprise even the fans of previous games from the studio. But the game offers a gameplay experience that includes much more than that and allows you to explore a living world and delve into plenty of side activities that will be as rewarding as slaying opponents in battle as the adventure progresses.



The release of No Rest for the Wicked is scheduled for April 18 but only on PC via Early Access. This version of the game will be incomplete, and Moon Studios will progressively add more features over time, including cooperative multiplayer which will be another strong point for the game. As usual, our comparator will be the best source of cheap No Rest for the Wicked PC keys, so don't forget to keep an eye on our website.

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