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New Silent Hill game appears, gets rating in South Korea

New Silent Hill game appears, gets rating in South Korea

After months of speculation, a new Silent Hill game seems to have surfaced. Titled Silent Hill: The Short Message, has received a rating in South Korea. 

According to Gematsu, the Silent Hill title appeared on The Game Rating and Administration Committee website of South Korea. The title has since been changed, but not before the news hit everywhere. The publisher of the title is Uniana, which is known for publishing such titles as eFootball 2023.

Apart from this, we literally have only the title as information—no data on platforms or release date. However, given that it has already gotten a rating, it seems its release period is getting fairly close.

This is the first significant and confirmed news we have heard after many months of purported leaks and speculations. Earlier in May, four images supposedly from a new Silent Hill game were leaked, only to be taken down by a DMCA strike by Konami hours later. Earlier this year, Konami renewed their IP for Silent Hill


silent hill leaked images


It’s important to note that the Silent Hill franchise had been dormant for the last ten years, ever since the last title, Silent Hill: Downpour, by the now defunct Vatra games. A game called Silent Hills was supposed to be made by Hideo Kojima and starring Norman Reedus, but was shelved by Konami in 2015. 


This year, however, numerous rumors floated around of several Silent Hill games in the works—including a remake of Silent Hill 2, made by the Bloober Team. Several of these rumors instantly lost credibility when a supposed leaker, TheRealInsider, admitted to faking leaks about upcoming Metal Gear and Silent Hill games. His statement sparked controversy regarding leaks in general and dashed hopes of a new Silent Hill title, but this fresh new evidence may keep hopes afloat. 

Here’s hoping that Konami will make an official announcement soon. Till then, check out cheap prices for a Silent Hill: Homecoming PC code with our comparator. For similar horror titles, check out The Medium and Layers of Fear.


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