Mortal Shell's upcoming DLC is free for a limited time

Mortal Shell's upcoming DLC is free for a limited time

We don't know if Cold Symmetry had to create a game more difficult than Dark Souls when they developed Mortal Shell. The truth is that they managed to do it, and it was a good starting point to draw the attention of all those that were looking for a more demanding challenge. Mortal Shell is a different game, but it also delivers an immersive experience full of action where melee combat takes the primary role. Allowing you to possess the bodies of defeated warriors opens a vast world of possibilities when it comes to combat mechanics and masteries, adding another layer of complexity to the game that has contributed to the game's success.

Cold Symmetry has a lovely surprise for you, whether you are an avid fan of Mortal Shell already or want to discover its dark and ruthless world by finding the game at the best price on our comparator. A new DLC for the game will launch tomorrow, and you can get it for free. The Virtuous Cycle adds a few novelties to the base game, including a new roguelike mode that will introduce an ever-changing gameplay experience where you can get upgrades for your character from pillars randomly scattered through the world. Also, a new shell will be available for you to possess, Hadern, a fierce warrior who was once your teacher whose skill with the dagger is legendary. Finally, The Virtuous Cycle also brings a new weapon, the Axatana, a deadly transforming weapon that can switch between a heavy axe and a pair of light katanas.



If you want to have access for free to all that The Virtuous Cycle includes, the DLC will be free to all Mortal Shell owners from August 18 to August 22. This promotion comes along with the launch of the game on other platforms. Mortal Shell is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Epic Games Store, but it will also be available on Steam and GOG from tomorrow.

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